Dark Erotic Books is a book and author index of all the Dark Erotic genres. In addition to that we offer the DARK Newsletter daily, which only contains new releases, sales, freebies, and recommendations of these genres.

We are a small group of readers who love dark erotic books. Maintaining this page and working on the newsletter does happen in our free time. Because of this it can happen that our responses are delayed, and we might skip a newsletter or two, if there are no submissions. So, bear with us.

Currently, we are in our build-up phase, which means not all contents are available right now. We are grateful for any submission or application, but please read the pre-texts carefully!

Thank you!

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We are a small group of readers who love dark erotic books and have joined togehter to create a place and service for people who enjoy the same books we do. Dark Erotic Books is a free service for readers who are interested in the darker reads that are out here.